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10 h –    500  British Pound Sterling
20 h – 1000  British Pound Sterling
30 h – 1500  British Pound Sterling
40 h – 2000 British Pound Sterling

Prepaid a Time bank-The Business Concept 
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Payment Details
I K Andersson
Kicki Andersson Invest Limited
IBAN  GB29 LOYD 3084 1235 3234 60

Please add your name, occupation and company details.

VAT due is already included in the price no tax or fee is added when you pay.

Fee for the online filing ex. for the Court, Incorporation or change of the name or directors of company and other party is included in the price.

After that I will contact you in 1-2 working days, with a statement
a’ proof of the payment from your account and start the work.

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